Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Project part 2

We are almost finished with my cousins home!  There are a few more rooms
for you to see. Louann was so excited to see pieces of furniture that she loved 

        Den:   The Den was voted most improved of all the rooms.  We painted the paneling with a creamy white color.  We found a mantel in Krista's old barn that fit perfect and gave this fireplace more presence.  The mirrors bounce light from windows across the room.                                                    

Kitchen :    Her kitchen already looked great!  As we searched through Louann's house, we started bringing together goodies and creating collections.  We found more pottery (designed by her sister Lisa) than she realized she had. Putting it all together made a better impact.  Audrey added a chalkboard for little family notes with fiesta mugs on the side for keys, chalk etc....   She also painted the table in the sitting area with a coat of red paint. The fun art work on the wall is by our friend Mary Freeman.  


Office/Bedroom:This home office needed just a little bit of help.  We placed a daybed under the window with the sun shining in.  The pillowcases were made from little girl's skirts found at the thrift store. The long pillow on the bed was created by sewing two pajama bottom legs together. You can take a nap after working long hours, or call this a bedroom, with a daybed added

Few Ideas...

Mirrors:   We found these mirrors a local thrift store.  We went with  an odd number of mirrors and painted them all the same color.  The Mirrors bounce light from the windows across the room.  This project had a big impact  for about $15.00!

Mail Sorter:   Who said this sorter had to be used for mail?  We loved using this in the bathroom and bringing in twigs, paper birds and leaves to give a light, fun look.  We found this sorter for $12.00 and the rest of the goodies were found around the home and yard.  

Piano:   This piano looked really sad sitting in a room all by itself.
We found some great old music books at the thrift store tucked away in the book section.  Some books were very old and worn. One was even in a different language.  We propped up a frame and put the music inside to give a  bulletin board effect.

Sofa:  We wanted a softer look for the sofa in the Living Room.
We bought a very large painter's drop cloth at Home Depot.
This gave our sofa an instant change once we layered it with pillows.
Jack was a great model, showing off new sofa look.

Outside:  Louann's son, Michael, really got her yard in great shape.
The biggest changes we added were a couple of large geraniums,
a new American flag waving in the wind and a bright red picnic 
table with a white umbrella.  The pop of red really helped give
curb appeal.

This project took us 9 days.  We worked full
time and did all the work ourselves.
Good news! Louann put the house on the market
as soon as it was ready.  She had a steady stream
of people come through and got positive feed back.

Louann had a contract on her home 7 days after
she placed it on the market.  They have offered
full asking price and close in August!!!
That's the results we love!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A June Project

My sweet cousin, Louann, who lives in Anderson, SC needed help getting her home ready to put on the market. So my sister, Krista, and daughter, Audrey, and I loaded up the cars and trailer and headed up! We had set aside a week in June to kick it into high gear and get it done.  So I loaded my car and trailer with paint supplies and lots of accessories and headed to South Carolina. Louann, being the minimalist that she is, about fell over when I pulled up!

I have arrived, be prepared!

We started painting that afternoon. We tried to get Living room and Dining room painted that night. This was just the beginning of many busy days painting, scraping, decorating, repairing, and so much more.
Living Room
Living room:  This room was painted, then different drapes were added and for the final touch, we used old windows as art work.

Dining Room

Dining room:
Check out this light fixture!  It was a boring brass
so we painted it and added some glass beads for sparkle and glamour to update it. The furniture is the same, it's just rearranged. , 

Sun Room

This is one of the best rooms in the house.
We hung a swing and added some chairs and pillows.  The colorful pillows are
made from little girls' skirts found at the thrift store.
The sunroom is very cozy and inviting.


Bed Room:
This bedroom turned out
great!  We rearranged and 
bought new bedding at
Target. We slept in this bedroom each night. Our dogs Dottie and Jack liked being there too!
We even had dinner in bed one night.  Louann was so thoughtful to bring us dinner!!


Bath room: The bathroom really surprised us all.  Fresh 
    paint, new towels and cheap decor made a huge difference. 
On the wall is a repurposed branch from the yard with little paper 
leaves glued on.  Very cute and very cheap!


More pictures coming up in A June Project Part 2!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

painted bottles

It was so much fun painting these bottles!!!  I have been collecting all different types of bottles from thrift stores for a long time.  This can make a regular glass vase take on a whole new look.  Watching the paint swirl around and coat
the inside of the bottle was pretty instant gratification.  Next step on this
project , once it dries completely,  is to try putting a sealer on top of paint.  I want to be able to put water in these for flowers.  

little footstool with new top

This little stool was falling apart and headed to the trash.   I grabbed it and cut all of the remaining stuff off the top.  I had seen a DYI on doing this
anthropologie inspired look.  It took longer than I thought it would. (My dog went nuts with me using a electric staple gun.  It is loud.) 
Love  how it turned out.  It will
be one of those pieces that I may put in sale but fine if it does not sale. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Atlanta's Golden Chairs" Find a Home

I gave these chairs a new look last year.  
I collaged the seat area using Atlanta Journal clippings and mod podge. I tried selling these chairs at a barn
sale and on Craig's List but no luck.

I volunteer at (a non-profit organization that takes in household donations , and helps families 
transitioning out of homelessness.) 
They were having a "Chairish" fundraiser. So I named the chairs "Atlanta's golden chairs" and put them in the auction! 
(this was a great feeling to know my chairs helped in a small           way, raise money for a great cause)

in the  "Chairish"auction
i love the Furniture Bank!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi ! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while to feature some of my own work.  This blog restoredrestyled is under the umbrella of   The little red barn features many different artist that participate in
our bi-annual artist sale.
So here is my first blog entry.

Here is a dresser that I just finished.  It was a lot of fun and inspired by Pinterest projects.   Are you trying to figure out what is on the top?  It is leather belts.  I have glued them to the top, and trimmed with a straight edge. I Love the way it turned out.